iMindMap has stopped

The manufacturer of iMindMap, OpenGenius, has stopped developing iMindMap.

We at Radar Services find that very unfortunate. Rudy Rensink, owner of Radar Services and iMindMap Master Trainer, says about iMindMap: “As far as I am concerned, it is the most beautiful Mind Map package there is!”

But the manufacturer has decided to let iMindMap be part of their Cloud software AYOA. This makes it possible to work with the Mind Maps online wherever there is an internet connection. You can also work together with others with iMindMap.

Radar Services has sold the licenses of OpenGenius, as well as the licenses of Microsoft Office and similar manufacturers. These manufacturers decide for themselves what they do with their software, we have no influence on that. We wish iMindMap could have been produced in its current form for years to come…

The Mind Map version within AYOA is not (yet) as extensive as iMindMap itself, but it can be used to create Mind Maps.

Take a look around the AYOA website and create a free account to discover for yourself what AYOA can do for you/your organization.

The timeline:

January 8, 2022
– All sales of iMindMap (both licenses and apps) will be stopped from this date
– support will continue for another year
January 10, 2023
– iMindMap stops
– no more updates
– no more support

In short, iMindMap development and support stopped as of January 10, 2023. This does not mean that iMindMap will no longer work on the already installed computers. Even now there are organizations that continue to work with a 7-year-old version of iMindMap. So you too, as long as nothing crazy happens to your hardware, software and operating system, can continue to work with iMindMap for a long time to come.
NB! This is not a promise or guarantee!

The above is taken from the manufacturer of iMindMap, OpenGenius. No rights can therefore be derived from it.
More information about this can be obtained from OpenGenius at the e-mail address