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5 ways to boost your performance at work with iMindMap

Integrating iMindMap into your daily routine will streamline your workload, save you time and boost your creativity, helping you to get ahead at work. Here are five ways that iMindMap 11 can be utilised to boost your performance at work.

Fast Capture
With iMindMap 10’s Fast Capture View* you can let your ideas flow without distraction. Capture ideas easily using self-organising bubbles. Change the colour of idea bubbles to categorise your ideas and add cover images to boost your ability to recall them.

*Only available in iMindMap 11 Ultimate

Brainstorm View
iMindMap’s Brainstorm View provides a digital workspace where you can organise ideas easily using coloured sticky notes, groups and lists on an infinite, customisable canvas. The conversion tools are ideal for quick updates to developing ideas.
Mind Map Library
Simplify and enhance business analysis with iMindMap 11. Its integration with the Biggerplate Library allows you to download map templates for goal setting, performance coaching, PESTLE or SWOT analysis and more.
Mind Map View
By creating a Mind Map in the Mind Map View, you can gain a bird’s eye view of your problem. A clear visual overview stimulates associations and new connections, and encourages your brain to form creative solutions that may not have been obvious before.
Time Map View
Action ideas along a visually rich timeline in the Time Map View*. See if your project is running to schedule and view key dates and deadlines at a glance. Start a Time Map from scratch, or switch from Mind Map View and select the branches you want to convert to tasks.

*Only available in iMindMap 11 Ultimate

Tevens inbegrepen van versie 11:

Work creatively with iMindMap’s four views designed to help you nurture your thoughts. Capture, sort, develop and launch your ideas into action.

Fast Capture Feature

Fast Capture*

Create an interactive web of ideas in moments with Fast Capture View. Great when working in teams, this feature distils your ideas into an easily accessible map. When time is of the essence, Fast Capture View comes into its own without any formatting distractions, showcasing your ideas in their most raw state.
“Fast Capture is lovely and bubbly! Dynamism is fluidly portrayed! Very easy to use and inhibited only by your speed
of typing…”

Abdullahi Umar Bello, CEO, MindZone Ltd.

attachments feature


Choose a bubble and simply type to add your ideas

Add Ideas feature


Show and hide the ancestors of each idea

outline feature

Works in Sync

Fast Capture View works in sync with Brainstorm and Mind Map Views

speed feature


Get your ideas down at rocket speed

links feature

Links & Attachments

Add links, audio files, documents and more for a multimedia hub

notes feature

Text Notes

Add context to your work with notes

adjust branches

Adjust Edges

Select straight or curved edges to personalise your work


Canvas Options

Give your work a personal touch by selecting from our library of built-in canvas options

icons feature


Use icons to add detail to your work

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Brainstorm Image

Brainstorm View*

With its infinite canvas, iMindMap’s Brainstorm View is a powerful resource whether you’re working in a team or alone. Perfect for evaluating and organising ideas, Brainstorm View allows you to take sticky notes and pin, group or stack them depending on your needs.
“I love the brand new Brainstorm View – with this I can pin my thoughts directly onto the canvas, without thinking about any kind of structure and then with a ‘click’ I have a Mind Map.”
Michael Landers, IT Architect, IBM

Add Ideas Brainstorm feature

Sticky Notes & Groups

Add new ideas to your brainstorm using sticky notes and group them as you go

Cleanup Feature

Clean Up

Bring instant order to your brainstorm

Custom Canvas Feature

Custom Canvas

You can add your own background image, or use one of our built-in canvas options

Formatting Feature


Connect related groups and sticky notes with digital pins

outline feature

Works in Sync

Brainstorm View works in sync with Fast Capture and Mind Map Views

links brainstorm feature


Link to websites, audio files, iMindMap Cloud files and more

Formatting Feature

Images & Icons

Choose from our libraries to personalise your brainstorm

outline feature

Export to DropTask

Experience visual task management with our sister company DropTask

links brainstorm feature


Gain a better perspective by zooming in and out of the canvas

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Brainstorm Feature

Mind Map View

From the organisation that invented Mind Mapping, our Mind Map View is equipped with a range of features to boost your thoughts. Offering a true, organic and creative take on original Mind Mapping techniques, iMindMap has taken inspiration from users and experts in the field alike.
“iMindMap helps me immeasurably at work, and keeps me focused managing risks for the international space station.”
Trent Keeble, International Space Station

 Images & Icons feature

Branch Target

Quickly add organic or boxed branches to your Mind Map

Templates Feature


Instantly update your Mind Map by choosing one of our in-built styles

flowcharts Feature


Colourful, easy to use flowchart designs add another dimension

Images & Icons feature

Images & Icons

Create great looking maps using our extensive Image and Icon libraries

Templates Feature


Add multiple Mind Maps to make the most of your canvas

3D View feature

3D View

Switch to 3D View to give your work an added edge

flowcharts Feature

Project View

Make use of Gantt charts to manage tasks

Branch Art feature

Branch Art

Add a splash of excitement to your branches with the diverse range of Branch Art designs

Templates Feature


Use the Template Maps to jump-start your project

Sketch feature


Draw straight on to the canvas using the intuitive Sketch Tool

flowcharts Feature

Smart Layout

This will take care of your formatting as you capture your ideas

Images & Icons feature

Pack & Go

Zip up your Mind Map with all of its attached resources in one easily accessible place

Cleanup Feature

Clean Up

Bring order to your ideas in one click

Paste Special Feature

Paste Special

Copy branches and have them appear in the same style when pasted

outline feature

Works in Sync

Mind Map View works in sync with Fast Capture and Brainstorm Views

Sketch feature

Relationship Arrows

Connect your ideas with digital string

flowcharts Feature

Boxed Branches

Use boxed branches to emphasise text

Images & Icons feature

Draw Freehand Branches

Create organic maps with extra fluidity

Present Feature

Presentation View*

Presentation View is designed to take your ideas and transform them into a slick presentation. Working in sync with the other views, in Presentation View you can design and then deliver professional presentations. Bursting with tools to help you to create and deliver memorable content, Presentation View is the effortless answer to gaining a competitive edge.
“The 3D presentation feature amazes students and helps communicate information in a unique way.”
The Education Hub

Images & Icons feature

Slide Notes

Add Slide Notes to your presentation to act as a prompt

Templates Feature

Kiosk Mode

Time your presentations perfectly in Kiosk Mode

flowcharts Feature


Boost your presentations with your company’s logo or custom background

3D View feature

3D View

Switch to 3D View to give your work an added edge



Use the Templates to start your presentation quickly

Export to YouTube

Export to YouTube

Export to video or upload directly to YouTube

3D View feature

Presenter Screen

Keep tabs on your timing and content with the designated Presenter Screen



Amplify your work with a choice of built-in backgrounds

Export to PDF


Export and print presentation handouts in PDF

Export to PowerPoint


Export and save your presentation in PowerPoint



Incorporate audio, web content and more

Export to YouTube


Let iMindMap generate your presentations for you with Auto-create

outline feature

Works in Sync

Work created in other views can automatically transfer into a presentation


Dual Screen

Play your presentation on one screen and a handy timer on the other whilst presenting

Auto Complete


If you go back to Mind Map View after starting a presentation you can automatically add new work

Action Features


Having captured, developed and sorted through your ideas, iMindMap 9 is bursting with ways for you to share and save your work. Including popular tools such as Google Drive and Evernote, iMindMap launches your ideas so that they can be seen and celebrated.
“Using iMindMap with DropTask integration really adds a whole new dimension – what a fantastic combination.”
Chris Taylor Reed, Founder of YourAgileMind

Google Drive Export

Google Drive

A new destination to store your work

Dropbox Export


Save and share your work to Dropbox

DropTask Export


Experience visual task management with our sister company DropTask’s app

Evernote Export


Save and share your work as an image

iMindMap Cloud Export

iMindMap Cloud

Access your iMindMap creations from any mobile or tablet device

Microsoft Office Export

Microsoft Office

Export and incorporate work in Microsoft Office

Export to OPML


Share and save your work as an OPML file

Export as Spreadsheet


Export your Mind Map as a spreadsheet

Export to Web

Export as Webpage

You can even create a webpage from your exported work

Outline Panel

Outline Panel

The Outline Panel is a highly effective tool designed to ensure your work is organised. Equipped with tools to help you to locate, sort and move your ideas, Outline Panel lets you work in sync between views.
“It allows us to keep the same vision of our ideas as we jump from one view to another which I’m sure helps our brain keep track of what’s going on”
Sab Will, Teacher

Search Feature

Search Filter

Locate your ideas easily

Search Feature

List View

See your ideas in a vibrant list

Edit Panel


Update and refresh your thoughts

Drag & Drop Feature

Drag & Drop

Select and drag an idea from the canvas and drop it into the Outline Panel

Drag & Drop Feature

Works in Sync

Work created in Fast Capture, Brainstorm and Mind Map View updates automatically with any edits made in the panel

Edit Panel

Child Branches

Use the panel to add a child or sibling branch on the canvas

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iMindMap exporteren als afbeelding & PDF
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Takken uit de vrije hand tekenen (Freehand)
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Audio Notities maken
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Tekengereedschap om fraaie tekeningen te gebruiken
Submaps maken
Importeren van enkele andere Mind Map programma’s
Achtergrondafbeeldingen gebruiken
Snelle ontwerp weergave
(Fast Capture View)
Brainstorm View
3D View
Uitgebreide mogelijkheden om meerdere fraaie presentaties te maken en te bekijken.
Schitterend presentatieprogramma!
Flowcharts maken
Commentaren toevoegen & Filtering toepassen
iMindMap als tekst bekijken
Uitgebreidt printen
Exporteren als presentatie
Exporteren als project
Exporteren als Pack & Go om alle bijbehorende bestanden mee te exporteren.
Exporteren als 3D plaatje
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