Creativity and Productivity Visualised

Get your ideas across the finish line with iMindMap’s integration with visual task management app, DropTask

“Using iMindMap with DropTask integration really adds a whole new dimension – what a fantastic combination.”
Chris Taylor Reed, Founder of YourAgileMind, UK


Brainstorm and DropTask

Act Upon Every Idea

Ensure every task is completed on time and to its fullest potential with iMindMap’s integration with DropTask. Fire ideas into iMindMap’s Brainstorm and Mind Map View, then send them straight to DropTask to transform them into tasks that you can action, prioritise and delegate with ease. You can even export whole Mind Maps to DropTask and they will become ‘Projects’.

Keep Things Simple

DropTask boasts practical features to help you streamline your time management and collaboration to boost the overall efficiency of your project. Use the powerfully visual indicators to set deadlines, assign work and prioritise tasks with ease. DropTask’s visual and fluid approach to task management will simplify your projects and increase the productivity of your team.

Get 12 months of DropTask PRO, the app’s paid version when you buy iMindMap Ultimate or Ultimate Plus, and start turning your ideas into reality.

Simple DropTask


Brainstorm and DropTask

Take Your Tasks Further

The integration works both ways. Seamlessly export your DropTask projects into iMindMap and see your groups and tasks transform into a vibrant Mind Map. Then let your creativity go wild; brainstorm, develop and organise ideas for your projects before effortlessly exporting back into DropTask to put the finishing touches on your plans.


Why iMindMap and DropTask?



Generate Innovative ideas


Bring Your Work to Life

These two visually engaging tools combine colour and simplicity to give you a clear overview of even the most complex projects.





Take Control of Your Tasks

See what your team members are working on at a glance, prioritise work, and assign and request task updates in real time.



Images and visuals


Productivity Boost


The Ultimate Productivity Boost

Step away from your email inbox – handle all team communication within DropTask to free up more time to get things done.

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